6 Ways to Stay Healthy Right Now

Something that seems to be at the forefront of every mind right now is staying healthy – and that makes sense, especially now. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what your body and mind need in order to maintain your good health, especially in times of uncertainty when stress runs high.

How to Support Your Loved Ones in a Care Home – Even When You Can’t Visit

It’s normal to worry for your loved ones – especially when an illness outbreak prevents you from being able to visit as frequently as your normally would. However, we came up with a few ideas that give you ways to support your loved ones in a care home, even when you can’t visit.

How to Prevent Cold and Flu in a Care Home

Physical activity has the potential to reduce inflammation and chronic disease. It can also reduce stress and levels of stress hormones within the body. This, in turn, will accelerate the circulation of disease and illness-fighting white blood cells, which can prevent cold and flu from taking hold.

10 Ways to Communicate With Someone Who has Dementia

Dementia is a disease that gets worse as time goes on. Gradually, communication will become more difficult and understanding conversations will become harder as well. Though their mind may be more closed off and it continually may become difficult to recognise you or their other loved ones, know that they are still the same person – their mind just now works in a different way.

What is Residential Care?

Often, residential care is popular option for those that do not have the medical needs to enter a facility such as a memory care unit or a nursing home. However, this does not mean that every residential care facility is the same.

A Visit From the MP

David spend a large part of the afternoon meeting with all our lovely residents and staff. He even had time for a spot of high tea and cakes (which, who doesn’t love?).

What is Sundowning Syndrome?

Like any other condition that you could be experiencing, symptoms for Sundowning Syndrome can range in severity. Often these symptoms are noticed in pairs – and whilst some experience them during certain times of the day, others may be more sporadic and only for 1-2 hours.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia is more than just memory loss, so being realistic about the progression of the disease will help you cope with it in your loved one and will help you in being able to support them through its progression.

Gold Standards Framework Accredidation

We are happy to share that we have been a recipient of the Gold Standards Framework Accreditation, an award that our care home and staff are very proud of.

The Benefits of Independent Care

No matter your loved one’s interest, there’s usually something scheduled that would interest them. Keeping your loved ones active and participatory when in a care home or independent living facility has even been shown to help seniors live longer and in better health.

Continuing the Tradition of High Standard Care

In order to receive the accreditation, care homes must undergo a rigorous training process, as well as embedding the Gold Standards Framework care standards in their respective care homes. The training programme itself is nine months long, and after both of these tasks have been completed, the accreditation process begins.

The Best Ways to Support Your Loved One in a Care Home

Moving your loved one into a care home and helping them adjust isn’t just a big change for them, it’s a big change for you as well. If you’re used to the way things were when they lived in their own home, you may find yourself wondering if your loved one is happy, if they’re adjusting well and feel an overall sense of concern for them in their new environment.

Diets and Healthy Eating Tips for Dementia Patients

The studies conducted in this research were observational, so it is important to note that simply changing your or a loved one’s diet is not a surefire way to prevent dementia or lessen the damage already caused to brain cells from dementia. However, we’re taking a look at foods and diets that have the best potential to reduce the risk of dementia and its effects.

Respite Care – FAQs

Respite care is temporary care, typically in a care facility, for an elderly, ill or handicapped person – providing relief for the person(s) that are their usual residential caregivers. There are a wide range of benefits for both the person receiving care and their primary caregiver – respite care exists to allow the peace of mind that you or a loved one will have the care that you/he/she needs if ever a primary caregiver is not around.

Where to Start When Looking for a Nursing Home

Choosing a nursing home does not have to be a daunting task if you know where (and how) to begin your search. There are many things to consider: proximity, cost, location and high-quality care. If you or a loved one is beginning a search for a care home, here are some tips that will hopefully aid you in your search of finding the right care home for you or a loved one.

High Standards of Care at The Hollies

Caring for our residents is our top priority, and we are devoted to ensuring that the last years of their lives are filled with support, comfort and premium care. The Gold Standards Framework allows our staff to receive training in order to provide the coordinated, personalised care that we are known for.

Bringing Interactive Dance to The Hollies with World Jungle

Here at The Hollies, we strive to provide top-level care for all our residents – including different forms of therapy sessions and activities for our residents to enjoy. Recently, we have begun working with World Jungle to bring interactive dance to our facility.

Benefits of Respite Care

Caregiving can be a challenging responsibility, even if it is also a rewarding one. Because of this, it’s very understandable that the primary caregiver may need an occasional break – whether it be for leisure, business travel or vacation. Respite care is a win-win situation for both the caregiver and their loved one.

How to Spot the Early Signs of Dementia in a Loved One

Whilst Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are slightly different – the early signs of being able to detect them are quite similar. If you notice these signs in someone that you know or even in yourself, please consider seeking help from a doctor or your care provider to arrange dementia care if needed. Dementia is not […]

Why Maintaining a Healthy Diet is Crucial for Dementia Patients

Eating well and staying properly hydrated is an important aspect of staying healthy – it improves quality of life and contributes to overall health. It is even more so important when it comes to dementia care.   Not eating well/enough can cause Weight loss Malnutrition Fatigue Higher risk of infection Less muscle strength   This […]

Introducing Sensory Music Sessions

The sensory and intellectual simulation of music is known to increase or maintain a person’s level of physical, mental and social/emotional functioning. We hope that the sensory music sessions will be therapeutic and interactive fun for our residents…

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

We had a lovely celebration for The Hollies’ 10th Anniversary! There was entertainment by Phoebe Appleby, a local vocalist and former West End performer, as well as beautiful decorations and refreshments for the residents to enjoy.

Considerations to a Loved One with Dementia

Language and communication problems will vary and become more challenging overtime for somebody living with dementia. A poor choice of language can leave the person with the condition frustrated as he/she finds it hard to recall a specific word. Therefore, it is important to be aware and know how to communicate considerately with a person […]

Keeping Your Loved Ones Active While in a Care Home

As people age, remaining active becomes a necessary element for both the physical and emotional wellbeing of our loved ones. While the need for independence is in demand at this stage, the difficulty to remain engaged increases, making it challenging for them to stay active especially on their own. There are many activities that could […]

Our hopeful helper, the Tovertafel machine

Through our fundraising and donations, we are excited to announce the purchase of a Tovertafel machine, better known as the “magic table”, which will be up and running by mid-May! Developed by PhD student Hester Le Riche, the Tovertafel machine was created to stimulate physical, mental and social activity in people with later stage dementia. […]

A Ride With The Willow Trust

There is a very exciting trip coming up at the Hollies! We will be having a lovely boat trip down the canal with The Willow Trust on the 18th of April. The Willow Trust aims to provide therapeutic days out on the water primarily for disabled people of all ages and types of disability or […]

Pippa Langhorne comes to the Hollies

Pippa Langhorne comes to the HolliesNext week we have a very special guest at the Hollies. Pippa Langhorne, the classical singer from Britain’s Got Talent, will be performing with her very unique voice on the 24th of March.From a young age Pippa studied violin and classical music and trained at the South Wales Opera Society […]

Mothers Day Celebrations

We had a lovely mothering Sunday here at the Hollies. All the tables were beautifully decorated before our residents sat down for lunch. This was then followed by a group quiz.Every lady was given a packed flower and a card on the day!

Staying Warm at The Hollies

Over the last week we have noticed a significant drop in the temperature with heavy snow falling all over the country. Cold weather can have a serious impact on the health of many people, particularly older or vulnerable people here in the UK. During these times it is essential that the elderly are well cared for […]

Enjoying the wildlife in Gloucestershire

With spring just around the corner, and the evenings getting lighter each day, there is no better time to enjoy the British countryside near Dursley. The Hollies Care Home is ideally situated in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, thus being the perfect location to appreciate beautiful surroundings and local wildlife.In this area there are a number […]

Supporting Loved ones this Christmas

At The Hollies we pride ourselves on offering the best in elderly care, and are always eager to share helpful tips that we find in order to make life that much easier for you and your loved ones.Whether your family member is looking for residential care or independent care, we make sure to provide the […]

How does The Care Bill affect you?

The Care Bill was announced in the 2013 Queen’s Speech, but had its beginnings in the commission on “Funding of Care and Support” led by Andrew Dilnot – issued in July 2011. Find out how the bill affects your nursing care situation. Stage one was introduced in April 2015 where a national minimum financial eligibility […]

CQC Inspection Results

We are delighted to share our latest CQC inspection results with you as we maintained our “GOOD” status. The Hollies were found to offer safe service with sufficient staffing levels to ensure safe care and treatment to support people. Our staff were also considered to be well skilled and created an adaptable environment in order […]

Summer Activites

It’s been a busy few months and we’ve taken full advantage of the very few summer days that we’ve had. Joyce at 90 joining in with the art session that volunteer Sue runs monthly

Hollies Volunteer Scheme

Over the past few years we have been informally approached on many occasions by people wanting to get involved in supporting the residents at the Hollies on a voluntary basis. We really do value the offer of support as this can have a very positive impact on the lives and welfare for many of our […]

Fresh to the Table

Following our introduction of new Caterers to the Hollies we have started to make some significant changes in the way that we cater for our residents. One of the biggest changes has been the replacement of convenience products to fully prepared and cooked on premises meals. So, for example our fish on Friday is now […]

High Spirits in August

Our August activity calendar is awash with the zest for life we all love here at The Hollies.As always we have great fun exercising with Tanya, and we strengthen both body and mind with Mark’s Tai Chi classes.As the greats of Tai Chi say, ‘If you mind is empty, it is always ready for anything’.With […]

What makes a great care home?

In light of the current poor inspection results hitting the news recently, we decided to take a look at some of the important attributes that contribute to a great care home:Feeling safe is key to any good care home. Both from a security point of view but also in feeling safe and cared for by […]

Our open day was a great success

The Hollies open day on 16th June was a great success!Thank-you to all of you who joined us for what was a great day.Visitors enjoyed a whole range of entertainment including the P&D Duo, vintage tractors, chicks, and meeting our residents to listen to their wonderful stories.  A delicious cream tea was served at the end of […]

The Race is on at the Hollies

The Race is on at the HolliesLast Friday night the Hollies Kitchen, Housekeeping and Maintenance Teams were treated to a night out of Go Kart racing.The Hollies Manager, Peter Gardiner, went along as well to support the team but unfortunately finished in last place.Peter Said – ‘There was a time when I would have gone […]

Come and visit our home!

Brought to you by remarkable lives. The Hollies is home to 56 residents. We are proud of our home and proud of our community. We would like to invite you to come and spend some time with us, meet our residents and staff and discover what our home is all about!On the 16th June come […]

Discover Derek’s story

Brought to you by remarkable lives. “I was born 5th October 1927 in Annfield Plain, a village in County Durham. Actually, that’s not quite true. I was born in the ambulance. It had to stop in a place called Norwood. My full name is Derek Norwood Richards.My father sent me to Durham School when I […]

Jean Rigby

“I was born in 1930. I had a very happy childhood. Went to a Quaker boarding school – a wonderful experience. Because I enjoyed school so much It determined my future career as a school teacher. If I hadn’t been a teacher I would have been a stand-up comic! But in those days, there was […]

Embroidery at its best

On November 11th, we had a special visit with Liz from Willow Trust to see Jean and her amazing embroidery as pictured here. Jean has a great passion for embroidery and has created many beautiful pieces of work. Embroidery is not something new, but some of its benefits may have been forgotten. Importantly the activity […]

Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising at The Hollies

We had a wonderful time for a great cause at our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser this weekend. Thank you to all who participated in this event, and thank you Debris Music Productions for joining us!

Bringing gardening activities indoor

During November at The Hollies we organised a few crafting workshops for our residents and many have created some amazing products. Residents have worked intently on their own projects from pasting bird seeds on a pinecone bird feeder to planting bulbs and winter flowers in wheelbarrows. So here at the Hollies even in the winter […]

Enjoying her 12th decade at The Hollies

Nora, who has lived in Dursley in Gloucestershire all her life is now enjoying her 12th decade at The Hollies Care Home. Nora was a toddler of two and a half when the Titanic sank, can remember the First World War and was already 33 when the Second World War broke out. She went to […]

The Willow Trust

Each year around 7,000 disabled and seriously ill children and adults spend a day on board with The Willow Trust. Fundraising work continues all year round to ensure trips remain free of charge. Established in 1989 the Willow Trust charity operates both its fully equipped purpose-built boats from April to October in pursuit of providing […]

The top floor ‘Memory Lane’

If you have not yet had the opportunity to venture onto the top floor at The Hollies, then please do pop up and have a look. We have been working hard to improve the environment by introducing lots of memorabilia including a wind up gramophone! We are on the hunt for some more records to […]

Golden Age Club

Unfortunately, our local Golden Age Club in Dursley lost their venue recently. We have been able to step in at The Hollies and are delighted to be able to host the Golden Age Club, which will ensure that the Club can continue to thrive. The Club will now be held here at The Hollies on […]

The Memory Café

We launched our first Memory Café on Friday, 6th May. The event takes place on the first Friday of each month. The cafés are part of a bigger project working directly with the Royal College of Nursing through one of their bursaries. The objective of the project is to develop better understanding and provision for […]

The Hollies new look

The Hollies we are always looking for new ways to reaffirm our commitment to our residents and families.

Our priority has always been to fully understand the needs of our residents by listening to and absorbing your feedback and continuously making changes wherever we need to.

New staff

There have been lots of very welcome new faces joining us at The Hollies over the past few months including, Jo, Verlie, and a welcome back to Amy. Jo was born in Wotton under Edge and started nursing in 1976. Jo loves caring for the elderly and has also been involved in training and developing the […]

Highgrove outing

Highgrove was our special outing in the month of August. We had a tour of the gardens and a look around the lovely shop and then ended the day with a delicious cream tea in their tea room. We have a host of other activities going on throughout August, the schedule can be found on […]

The Hollies Gold Standard Framework

The Hollies Care Home has been working towards the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) programme for nearly a year and is hoping to achieve accreditation soon. The GSF is a new national standard designed to ensure the best possible standards for those in the later stages of care. The framework aims to achieve a ‘gold standard’ […]