Staying Warm at The Hollies

Staying Warm at The Hollies

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Over the last week we have noticed a significant drop in the temperature with heavy snow falling all over the country. Cold weather can have a serious impact on the health of many people, particularly older or vulnerable people here in the UK. During these times it is essential that the elderly are well cared for and stay safe and warm in their homes.


Here at The Hollies Care Home we ensure our residents are kept safe, secure and warm during extremely cold, windy and snowy weather conditions. The cold can be a worry to older people and their family members so we always wish to their mind at ease by offering on-going support during this time.


Keeping warm is one of the biggest worries for the elderly; we wish to prevent our resistants’ catching colds and developing poor health by adding that extra level of care. With our excellent range of delicious meals, warm and cosy lounge and bedrooms we create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our residents.


Leaving the house in the cold weather can run the risk of injury especially on icy streets prompting many residents to spend more time inside. To avoid isolation and loneliness, we run a number of fun exercise programmes for our residents enjoy each and every day.


Everyone is able still able to enjoy the snowy Gloucestershire countryside from the comfort and warmth of inside. Residents can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery knowing we are always here to offer added support and help in every way we can.