Fresh to the Table

Fresh to the Table

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Following our introduction of new Caterers to the Hollies we have started to make some significant changes in the way that we cater for our residents. One of the biggest changes has been the replacement of convenience products to fully prepared and cooked on premises meals. So, for example our fish on Friday is now flitted, battered and cooked from fresh rather than bought in ready prepared and frozen. This has involved lots of new methods and training for the team.

We have increased the range of vegetables and have now started to bake and produce our own desserts rather than buy them in from elsewhere.

From July, we are changed the way that we serve food on the Top and Middle floors to provide everyone with more choice over what, and how much people want to eat, this as speeded up service and provides better support the Care Team who ensure that everyone has more choice and control.

We have invested in new equipment to improve our service and have made some significant alterations to the kitchen, these improvements help to support the changes that we are making.

Improvements in the dining room include an order of new dining chairs and new Table linen.

It has been a big transition for the Kitchen Team who were joined at the beginning of August by a new Chef Supervisor, this means our main Chef Team will be Shirry and Alison Moir who will both be supported by our team of Chefs and Hosts, Ashleigh, Beth, Heather, Xing and Tanya. The new arrangement also means that we will be able to offer a broader hot meal choice in the evening as we extend the Kitchen Cover time to 7:00 pm and Karen has taken up the post of evening chef.

As always, please let us know if you have any concerns or comments.