Our hopeful helper, the Tovertafel machine

Our hopeful helper, the Tovertafel machine

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Through our fundraising and donations, we are excited to announce the purchase of a Tovertafel machine, better known as the “magic table”, which will be up and running by mid-May!

Developed by PhD student Hester Le Riche, the Tovertafel machine was created to stimulate physical, mental and social activity in people with later stage dementia. Most care homes do typically provide sensory rooms but they usually require one-on-one supervision. Many residents also find sensory rooms overwhelming and refuse to go in.

Studies show that people in the later stages of dementia can still experience three primary outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation and reminiscence. The Tovertafel machine was specifically designed to elicit all three, as it was created with the addition of interactive games to encourage residents to actively engage with their loved ones.

The Tovertafel machine will be immensely helpful during our resident’s cognitive stimulation therapy and we cannot wait to see the engaging interactions that will take place once the final implementation of the “magic table” is completed.

For any enquires please contact the hollies directly on 01453 541400 or info@thehollies.co.uk