Day care

The Hollies Day Care is delivered by our dedicated and fully qualified staff,
to ensure a personalised and professional level of care.

Care in the comfort of your own home…

Our skilled carers are trained across a wide range of clinical services, to ensure the right level of support to meet your needs. Because our day carers are part of the Hollies team, you can be sure that they are trustworthy and expertly qualified.

Consistent care…

You will have access to a coordinator at all times and have the same carer, so that you can get to know each other. Complete follow up reports are made, so that all parties have access to up to date progress.


• Companionship to maintain emotional wellbeing
• General mobility – important meetings, hairdressing appointments, enjoying interests, activities, running errands or walking the dog
• Household management to give a little help in the home, including general maintenance, shopping or deliveries
• A range of nursing care support, including the administration of medication and basic wound dressing

• Personal care including showering/bathing, dressing and grooming
• Meal time help to ensure nutrition
• Specialist visits to or by other medical practitioners such as GPs or physiotherapists

• Early dementia care to develop genuine relationships
• Post- hospital care to aid recovery
• Respite care to offer family or friends a well earned break.