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10 Ways to Communicate With Someone Who has Dementia

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Dementia is a disease that gets worse as time goes on. Gradually, communication will become more difficult and understanding conversations will become harder as well. Though their mind may be more closed off and it continually may become difficult to recognise you or their other loved ones, know that they are still the same person – their mind just now works in a different way.

healthy eating tips for dementia patients

Diets and Healthy Eating Tips for Dementia Patients

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The studies conducted in this research were observational, so it is important to note that simply changing your or a loved one’s diet is not a surefire way to prevent dementia or lessen the damage already caused to brain cells from dementia. However, we’re taking a look at foods and diets that have the best potential to reduce the risk of dementia and its effects.

Our hopeful helper, the Tovertafel machine

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Through our fundraising and donations, we are excited to announce the purchase of a Tovertafel machine, better known as the “magic table”, which will be up and running by mid-May! Developed by PhD student Hester Le Riche, the Tovertafel machine was created to stimulate physical, mental and social activity in people with later stage dementia. […]