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6 Ways to Stay Healthy Right Now

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Something that seems to be at the forefront of every mind right now is staying healthy – and that makes sense, especially now. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what your body and mind need in order to maintain your good health, especially in times of uncertainty when stress runs high.

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The Best Ways to Support Your Loved One in a Care Home

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Moving your loved one into a care home and helping them adjust isn’t just a big change for them, it’s a big change for you as well. If you’re used to the way things were when they lived in their own home, you may find yourself wondering if your loved one is happy, if they’re adjusting well and feel an overall sense of concern for them in their new environment.

healthy eating tips for dementia patients

Diets and Healthy Eating Tips for Dementia Patients

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The studies conducted in this research were observational, so it is important to note that simply changing your or a loved one’s diet is not a surefire way to prevent dementia or lessen the damage already caused to brain cells from dementia. However, we’re taking a look at foods and diets that have the best potential to reduce the risk of dementia and its effects.