6 Benefits of a Care Community for Overall Health

Posted on September 13, 2020
Benefits of a Care Community for Overall Health | Hollies Blog

6 Benefits of a Care Community for Overall Health

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As we get older, sometimes we might find it hard to participate in daily activities or the hobbies we once enjoyed being able to do on our own. The need for a level of assistance may open the door to a discussion surrounding moving into a care home community.

A care home community can be more than a nursing care home or dementia care home. Some care home communities provide assisted living care, private suite care and a range of different amenities and facilities on site. Deciding whether or not a care community is right for you can be a big decision but ultimately, it is one that you should make with the guidance of your loved ones.

In this article, we will cover what a care home community is, the benefits of a care community for overall health as well as if a care community is right for you.

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What is a care community?


A full service care home community is a place where the needs of aging individuals can be met, often including independent living, assisted living, nursing care, respite care, and dementia care. Residents are able to rely on all their needs being met for the most part.

Care home communities are enjoyed by residents for many reasons. Residents are able to maintain as much independence as they wish, with services or help upon request. These communities also enable meaningful social contact with peers and caregivers that become friends.

Access to care for a range of needs will provide that much wanted assurance for families and friends.


The benefits of a care community for overall health


With the assurances of care, companionship and facilities a care community can provide an extremely positive environment and benefit overall health much more than we tend to think.


1. A low maintenance style of living

Full service care communities can offer a flexibility that can not be matched at home or through day care. Residents can have as many or just a few services provided from cooking/dining services to laundry and cleaning.

Assisted living apartments can provide a much valued independence without the ties of maintenance. You are free to tend to gardens as and when and pursue other interests and other home maintenance and repairs can be managed for you.


2. Very convenient for you or your loved one

Many people living within a care home community tend to appreciate how convenient it is to have so many things all in one place – including entertainment, health, education or fitness. Residents also can enjoy the services of a community shuttle. These shuttles can take residents to appointments, off-site entertainment or day trips making it easier to continue to get around.


3. Great for your social life

Another reason that a care home community can be good for overall health is down to the social life and companionship. Staying socially active is not just good for your mental health, but your emotional and physical health too. It may even help decrease the risk of dementia.

A social life can come easily with many opportunities for new connections and conversations. You are surrounded with new individuals that might share a common interest, hobby or fondness for an activity that your care community may provide. The opportunities are many!


4. It is a safe place

Many care home communities are set within a gated area. This makes for a safe place in which residents feel protected, giving families a peace of mind. With many grounds providing gardens and walks there is often less need to go off site. Additionally, familiarity for many residents will be important and avoid unnecessary anxiety.


5. Later life transitions will be easier

Many people choose to live in a care home community because of the ease of later life changes. This is especially true when a care community offers different living accommodations depending on your needs and preferences.

With an unexpected health event or where your needs suddenly change – like moving into a dementia care facility, you will not need to move from the community and care team that you have come to know and love. You will feel an extra sense of comfort, knowing that your surroundings remain familiar.


6. We love to have you!

Care home teams love to get to know their residents well. At the Hollies, on top of personal care plans, we enjoy getting involved with residents’ interests and fun activities. We continue to learn from residents so that we can provide the best possible environment. Our residents are our community and they are always at the core of what we do here at the Hollies.


Is a care community right for you?


A care home community has such a lot to offer throughout later life. Choosing the right care home remains a very important and very personal decision – and the benefits of a care community for overall health will always be many. However, not every care community is the same. Visiting or virtually touring can give you a good sense of the differences. Meeting with staff will also be imperative.


At the Hollies, we provide nursing, respite, dementia and assisted life living care. If you would like further information, contact us directly at info@thehollies.co.uk or 01453541400. We look forward to hearing from you.