Entering a Care Home With Peace of Mind

Posted on July 30, 2020
Luxury Garden Suites at The Hollies Care Center | A full service care centre for later living

Entering a Care Home With Peace of Mind

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The ideal of social connection, one that flourishes through participation and integration in friendly and balanced communities, applies to all groups within society – not least the elderly and those soon to retire. Life satisfaction is critical to individuals and thus communities. Naturally, therefore, services and facilities should provide the opportunities and cater to these needs.


What to look for in a full service care centre


A full service care centre that can embrace the needs of individuals from retirement home to assisted care, to the more demanding needs within nursing care can offer a seamless transition to living that addresses not only physical abilities and needs but also mental and emotional abilities and needs. Anxiety will be minimised because there is less forced change in the individual’s life when the environment is familiar, supportive and agile in response.

Another great benefit of a full service care community is that space and privacy are integral to the lifestyle that is offered, whilst at the same time there is an abundance of activities and interests going on all around. The result is greater participation, often self-led.


Retirement apartments that provide independence and security


For individuals and families alike the opportunities surrounding this kind of residential care are significant – an individual can maintain independence with the security of 24/7 nursing care as and when required.  Luxury suites within a care home can offer complete privacy, space and control over the things that matter and at the same time provide peace of mind to family.

Apartment living provides fully independent living along with the ability to call on services as and when required. This offers a wonderful opening into care home community life.

Nursing care home suites and apartments both offer additional space providing an additional reassurance physically and emotionally to families looking to start the process of moving a loved one into a care home community.


We are here to help you or your loved one


The Hollies Care Centre provides a range of options and plans for welcoming residents in to the care home community. Most importantly, services can be tailored to meets residents’ changing needs so that just the right amount of support is provided at any time. Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment where residents can enjoy personal interests and activities, own time and friendships, great food and favourite drinks and all the little luxuries. Our aim is also to assure family and friends that their loved one will have the very best physical, mental and emotional care every day.


The Hollies has employed comprehensive precautionary measures to ensure safety to residents, staff, families and new residents. For more information, you can view our COVID-19 Information Page.


If you would like more information regarding our luxurious garden suites within the care home or apartments for independent living please call us on 01453541400 or email at info@thehollies.co.uk.