6 Ways to Stay Healthy Right Now

Posted on June 22, 2020

6 Ways to Stay Healthy Right Now

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Something that seems to be at the forefront of every mind right now is staying healthy – and that makes sense, especially now. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what your body and mind need in order to maintain your good health, especially in times of uncertainty when stress runs high.

We’ve put together six of our favourite tips for staying healthy – whether for you or a loved one in a care home – these simple tips are easy to manage and can be rather fun too.



It may seem trivial but sticking to a schedule is something that can prove to be very important – especially when your standard daily routine has been thrown out of the window. Something that seems as simple as waking up, having a shower and getting dressed for the day, eating meals at the same time as per your normal day will leave time for an activity for you to partake in. Our residents at the Hollies have been enjoying in their leisure time helping us to create and maintain a vegetable and herb garden – not only a great way to get some sunshine, but also a chance to stay busy and have some fresh air throughout the day.


6 Ways to Stay Healthy Right Now - Getting Exercise | The Hollies Care Centre



Perhaps you live in a lovely home or care community and you have family that are well and you yourself may still be in good health. A very important aspect of taking care of yourself and staying healthy is to take care of your mental health. If you are feeling anxious, especially now, try thinking of what you’re grateful for instead of what worries you. It may seem like something easier said than done but if you make this a regular exercise, you may feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.



Just because we must stay home right now doesn’t mean we should through nutrition out of the window. With crowded supermarkets and a worry about potential food shortages many of us have been stocking up on grains and non-perishable tinned goods. You’ll still want the right food in your pantries and cupboards. What we eat has a direct relation to our health and our immunity levels – so ensuring that we’re still looking for fresh, antioxidant-filled fruit and vegetables that can be prepared and frozen, foods with healthy fats and also food that you know you enjoy.

At the Hollies, we take great pride in in creating home-cooked food that our residents love. The vegetable and herb garden that we have on-site is where we access some of our fresh, local produce when in season.



There is no shortage of benefits that can be achieved by engaging in a habit for daily exercise. These benefits can include better eyesight, improved bone density, lowering of cholesterol and an increase of the feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Daily exercise, even something like going for a quick walk outside (keeping your distance from others, of course) or in your home/garden can lift your spirits and decrease your anxiety and stress levels.


6 Ways to Stay Healthy Right Now - Getting Exercise | The Hollies Care Centre



A good night’s sleep is important to try and achieve every night, but especially so now when we’re all trying our best to stay healthy. Sleep is a crucial aspect in the body’s natural process of allowing itself to rest and heal. Anywhere between seven and nine hours of sleep is typical for adults – and if uncertainty or anxiety is causing your sleep to become interrupted you can try practicing good ‘sleeping routines’. This includes going to bed and waking at similar times each day, which can help your body’s natural “clock” to begin feeling tired before it’s time for bed.



We are very lucky to live in a world in which our loved ones are just a phone, Skype call or text away. It’s become much easier to remain connected to our loved ones, even from afar. Often, our loved ones look forward to hearing from us – whether for an hour long Skype call or even a quick rundown of each other’s day. Our Activities Manager has made it so that you can easily speak to your loved ones at the Hollies via video chat. You can book in for a Skype call by contacting her directly.


Even though we are in a period of uncertainty, we can still take small steps each day to ensure that we and our loved ones are staying healthy. As always – we will provide you with up to date information on our site, and we want to thank you for continuing to comply with our current ‘no visitation’ requirement.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Hollies directly on 01453 541400 or via email at info@thehollies.co.uk