How to Support Your Loved Ones in a Care Home – Even When You Can’t Visit

Posted on March 25, 2020
How to Support Your Loved Ones in a Care Home When You Can't Visit

How to Support Your Loved Ones in a Care Home – Even When You Can’t Visit

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Here at the Hollies, our primary goal is to ensure the safety, health and happiness of our residents. Whilst in lockdown, we we are working especially hard to make everyday positive – with an upbeat team and engaging activities.

It’s normal to be concerned about your loved ones at this time of uncertainty, being unable to visit as frequently as you otherwise might.

If you are in search of some inspiration, here are some ways you can support your loved one in a care home, and we’re even giving you a sneak peek into what we’re doing at the Hollies too.



Staying connected is one of the best ways to support your loved ones. Having FaceTime and Skype calls are a great way to keep in touch and feel connected. Think about scheduling some time to have a cup of tea together and a good catch up over Skype.

At the Hollies, we’re making sure that our residents can stay connected with family and friends, particularly when we are closed for visitation. If you’d like to book a Skype call with your loved one, please contact Lorna, our Activities Manager.




It’s important to encourage your loved one to stay active where possible. Movement, even if just walking to another room, is so important. If they able, encourage them to partake in the social activities that are still taking place. During your call, you could ask about what activities they have done that day or planning to do over the coming week.

It may be beneficial if you share with them the new ways that you are staying active, too!




Talk to your loved ones about their meals! We enjoy providing fresh and healthy food catered to a range of preferences and dietary restrictions.

Here is an example menu.




We at the Hollies are constantly striving to make sure your loved ones are happy and feel supported.  Closing our doors to visitation during these unprecedented times has us working even harder to alleviate any concerns or disappointment surrounding the missed contact with family and friends.

We’ve brainstormed some fun ideas with the residents for them to engage more with each other. One of the great ideas was to create a vintage shop for our residents. Tricia, our Head of Clinical Care, led this exciting project. The vintage shop was filled with items reminiscent of our kitchens before coming to the Hollies, and a few other items that we really liked!

To come, our staff are preparing a pantomime performance for residents to enjoy in April!


How We're Supporting Your Loved Ones at the Hollies


We want to thank you for complying with our current “No Visitation” requirement.

As always, we will provide you with up to date information on our site.

We look forward to welcoming you back through our doors very soon!


If you have any questions or queries please contact the Hollies directly on 01453 541400 or