Gold Standards Framework Accredidation

Posted on July 8, 2019
Gold Standards Framework

Gold Standards Framework Accredidation

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We at The Hollies remain dedicated to our high standards of care for our residents. As part of this dedication, we ensure that our care home and staff undergo rigorous training programmes to create the best possible environment for our residents to enjoy living in. As a result, we are happy to share that we have been a recipient of the Gold Standards Framework Accreditation, an award that our care home and staff are very proud of.



The National Gold Standards Framework is a national training and coordinating programme for all Gold Standards Framework (GSF) programmes. This programme enables generalist frontline staff to provide the high standard of care that we all look for when choosing a residence for our loved ones nearer to the end of their lives. The GSF improves the quality, coordination and organisation of care, which then, in turn, results in better patient outcomes and an overall decrease in hospitalisation.


Our aspiration is to deliver training and support that brings about individual and organisational transformation, enabling a ‘Gold-Standard’ of care for all people nearing the end of life
GSF, Mission Statement


Gold Standards Framework, GSF Accreditation




In order to receive the accreditation, care homes must undergo a rigorous training process, as well as embedding the GSF care standards in their respective care homes for at least six months. The training programme itself is nine months long, and after both of these tasks have been completed, the accreditation process begins.

This process includes the assessment against 20 clear standards of best care home practices, the review of the care of residents utilising the ‘After Death Analysis Audit Tool’ and a quality assessment visit – which reviews the integration of Gold Standards Framework processes into everyday practice.



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