Introducing Sensory Music Sessions

Posted on June 19, 2018

Introducing Sensory Music Sessions

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Introducing Sensory Music Sessions

Activities held at The Hollies are provided through the members of our talented staff who possesses a wide array of skills and experience. We are lucky enough to have Phil, who has had prior experience in working with disabled children through music, lead the sensory music sessions for our residents.


Music therapy is for everyone. Studies show that music has positive effects on the behaviour, memory or cognition of someone who has dementia. Therefore, incorporating music into the daily care of individuals with dementia can potentially decrease the projection of agitated behaviour and the need for restraints.


The Benefits

The sensory and intellectual simulation of music is known to increase or maintain a person’s level of physical, mental and social/emotional functioning. We hope that the sensory music sessions will be therapeutic and interactive fun for our residents, helping them reduce stress, enhance their memories, improve their communication, express their feelings and essentially maintain their quality of wellness.


Primarily focusing on the level of comfort and excitement of our residents’ interactions, we are looking forward to more sessions after implementing the first session with Phil on the 6th of June 2018. We want to encourage the support from family and friends!


For any enquiries please contact The Hollies directly on 01453 541400 or