The Benefits of Twenty-Four-Hour Dementia Care

Posted on November 26, 2021

The Benefits of Twenty-Four-Hour Dementia Care

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Taking care of a loved one with dementia can be become increasingly challenging over time and sometimes can become more demanding very quickly.


Dementia can impact an individual’s quality of life leading to anxiety for family and friends. As emotional, mental and physical awareness changes so to will care needs. Very often it is the physical needs that are acted upon soonest as they may appear more evident and of greater risk.


Professional dementia care should not be the last resort, however. Often, dementia care homes can become the best option before it has become unsafe for a loved one to live alone. Professional care can provide safety, security, and comfort for those with dementia, as well as ease anxiety for loved ones. 


Choosing a dementia care home


The process of choosing a care home for a loved one with dementia can be a positive experience. Care home staff can support your planning and will know all the aspects that matter to you and for your loved one. With an understanding of all the opportunities and benefits available in a care home setting, this can be a welcoming move for both your loved one and a huge reassurance to family and friends. 


There are several things to consider when deciding on dementia care. When visiting a dementia care home, look for evidence of staff interacting positively with residents on a personalised level. It is important that a suitable range of activities is on offer and that residents are stimulated in a variety of ways. 


Of course, some residents with dementia are less enthusiastic about partaking in activities. In these cases, it is even more important that carers put extra consideration into finding a purposeful activity for these residents, and can engage with them in their terms. 


It is also important to assess residents’ freedom to wander. It is great to see mobility around the home and especially advantageous if there are some different points of interest in the home such as lounges, café and other social areas


Ultimately, it is most important to see evidence that residents are treated with kindness and respect, and that they feel comfortable, happy, and safe. 


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Benefits of a dementia care home 


A specialist dementia care home offers numerous benefits to residents and families. These communities offer a stable routine, a sense of purpose, reduced anxiety, increased socialisation and can spark a renewed passion for hobbies and activities. 


For friends and relatives, they can relax knowing their loved one is safe and under supervision by qualified staff. They can feel assured in the knowledge that their loved one is enjoying physically and mentally stimulating activities, with personalised care and a community to support their individual needs. Good care teams will really go the extra mile to learn about their residents and what is important to them. 



Holly Oak Dementia Care Home 


Holly Oak Dementia Care Home is a newly opened state of the art 45-bedroom home. It has been designed and built with total dedication to residents living with dementia from the individual rooms to the favourite amenities such as Bessys Tea Room, The Old English Pub and Kayes Hair and Nails. 


The care team deliver genuine person-centred care evidenced by the fantastic reviews from the family. Making the most of all the special little moments is the ethos and ensuring the best possible quality of life for all residents. 


Holly Oak provides 24-hour dementia and nursing care. With its state of the art facilities and beautifully appointed rooms, they take great pride in making residents feel comfortable and at home whilst providing the very best in care. 


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